Peace of Jerusalem Conference, Zaraphath NJ

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This conference is featuring...

My favorite Jewish Italian worship leaders Raphael and Aly Giglio, who will draw you into the presence of God.

Some of the finest teachers! Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Michael Rydelnick, Mitch Glaser & Rich Freeman

(These are Jewish teachers who believe Yeshua is their Messiah and have been in Jewish-Christian ministry for many years. All of these men are humble and kind and happen to have their doctorate degrees in Hebraic studies. These are men of God who will go deeper with you into the roots of your faith and draw you closer to your God)

The price is super reaonable at $40.

May God's spirit be present since He is what we need most of all! May you be uplifted.

My schedule Lord willing: Thursday night prayer meeting: 3 special songs Saturday evening: Hatikva Friday nite and Sunday morning: singing alongside the incredible worship team!

Get your tickets now!