Finding Gold

I'm beyond excited to present MY NEW BOOK/OUTREACH PROJECT: "FINDING GOLD: Life Lessons from a little Jewish girl."
(I poured out my soul for three years in the process of creating this with you in my heart and on my mind)

WARNING: Reading this book may lead to side effects such as inexplicable joy, outbursts of happiness, sudden inner peace, and finding new treasures in your walk with God!


How to Download?

*3 simple steps for downloading E-Book: 1. Save Kindle file or ibooks file on your your computer or device. Or- save and email the file to yourself so you may open on decvice
2. Hold thumb down on file untii "Open" appears. 3. Choose "open" and then "open with Kindle" or open with ibooks

PLS CALL615-377-1101, or email to notify us. (Manager, Joe Franco) Thanks!


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***If you'd like to purchase my E-Book perhaps and cannotcannot afford the price listed above, I'd love to still send it your way! Here's what to do next:

1. send me the donation of your choice via PayPal "one time gift"  2.  email me with subject "donation for E-Book sent."
I will then send you the file for whatever you are able to give, even if that amount is $2 or $3 dollars. Or if you have been blessed this year and would like to give more, you may do so as well.



A little Jewish girl from Brooklyn, Michelle Gold, invites you to take an inside look on her journey to finding gold: healing, hope, and peace through true intimacy with a loving Father. Her prayer is that this very personal story of overcoming her past and her pain will usher you into God's s healing presence and empower you in your life as you reflect in your time with Him or in your small group.

Book Features: Entertaining and healing Autobiography, Devotional,and Bible Study for Small Group and Individual Reflections.

My hope and prayer is to distribute this intensely entertaining yet truthful testimonial to at least 500 not-yet believers in Israel. I wish to present a gift that is far greater than gold: the message of God's love & salvation from a Jewish perspective. I also hope that this book will challenge you to fall in love with God more deeply, receiving the (emotional or otherwise) healing he has for you so that you may be empowered in your life.
Thank you no matter what!!! I value your friendship and your prayers. Check out my latest CD outreach on my music page or enjoy some videos! Blessings to you and your family!

Michelle Gold

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