Now and Today...

If U Were Me...what would you do? (LIVE VIDS to share) 

Hi! I recently sent out a newsletter sharing that all i wanna do is awaken a contagious passion for Yeshua in the hearts of every nation. I can do this through a song. So I hope you are blessed, healed, moved. And if you don't yet know the Lord and are searching, I hope you find Him here. Here's my latest YOUTUBE vids.


You can also try googling "Michelle Gold LIVE in 2018" anytime. All my love, Meesh


Hi! It's been an exciting 9 months or so pouring every detail into making that audiobook. I think you are going to LOVE it. We will be handing it out all over Israel any day now.

As I sing for more and more people, I am reminded about the difference music makes for the soul. Last night after tha Rabbi shared and I sang, it just so happened a lady made Yeshua her Messiah! VERY VERY COOL. 

So that's my update for today...I pray you are well and that God is reminding you about how powerful your love and prayers you are royaltiy in God's eyes no matter what people say.