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Hello and welcome to my celebrations and weddings page.  I would be honored to make this day memorable & meaningful for you and your family. Please contact us at 615-377-1101 to discuss what is in your budget and how we can possibly work together or feel free to complete the Booking form below for more information.

 In addition to special music, my husband, Minister Joe Franco is available to officiate your wedding. We are an Italian and Jewish couple and therefore can provide a unique atmosphere of joy and love. I also sing in Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, and English.

Gas/travel cost is included in our amount and I have my own portable speaker/PA which can be set up in any location without being plugged in. (Estimated time of event one-three hours) 


Want to see my song list?

Simply scroll down to the attached PDF below.  Learning new songs is fun for me as well so please let me know up to a week before your event if you have something else in mind. Please contact us up to one year before your event or even as close as 2 weeks ahead if you are planning last minute. The more time in advance, the greater the chance of our availability & this will give us time to prepare meaningful music for you.

We look forward to serving you and to making your day a stunning event to always be remembered


MICHELLE GOLD SONG-LIST So many little time. Click on "Michelle Gold Song-List" to see the complete list. I hope you find a song you love on this list of all the songs I know and love. If you don't, I would be honored to learn and sing it at your event. Be sure to look at all the style categories (Inspirational, Gospel, CCM, Broadway, Disney, and More) which match your celebration. Blessings! 1.03 MB



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