Things You Never Knew

Full Name:
Michelle Mae Gold

Brooklyn, NY

Family Members:
Husband, Joe Franco
Mom, Ruth; Dad; Hy; Brother, Ira
Mother & Father-in-law, Millie & Anthony Franco

Hobbies/Favorite Past Times:

laughing as hard as I can until I can barely breathe, spending time with a good friend, horseback riding, eating sushi, swimming - I am a born fish And dancing around my living room to really awesome Christian music.

Most Embarrassing Moment:
Once, our bus was about to leave for a youth retreat and while in the bathroom of the bus, I saw what appeared to be an entire crowd of church people looking at me as they waved goodbye to their children. I panicked and hurried out laughing and crying at the same time. Found out moments later that it was a tinted window so I was able to see them but in reality, they could NOT see me!

Most Unusual Job:
Mopping floors for my very first vocal teacher in exchange for a lesson.

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Aruba - it is just the perfect temperature and the people are so so friendly and sincere.

Favorite Meal:
Mama Millie Franco's Crab Sauce with Linguini.

Favorite Restaurant:
Joey's Kitchen - a home-cooked meal by my husband Joe. After that, The Garden Tea Room on McDonald Ave in Brooklyn.

Favorite Animal:

Monkeys, monkeys, and lots of monkeys!

Something Most People Don't Know About Me:
I border on the obsessive-compulsive side.

How I Got Started In The Music Industry:

My entire family lives, eats and breathes Broadway Musicals. You can't get them to stop singing. My Mom was a professional singer and used to take me with her to nursing homes to perform at the age of eight. That's when I experienced my first "high" of being on stage.

Most Memorable Tour Moment:
Definitely Denmark! My husband and I went to a school in Odsherrods (pronounced Utz-heretz) and on the last song, all the teenagers jumped on their chairs and started praising the Lord dancing! Some even came up to the stage and "do-see doed".

How I Became A Christian:

When I was fifteen years old, my cousin, Stephen told me about Jesus as we walked along the beach in Miami where he was living at the time and I immediately believed that He was Messiah with a child-like faith.

God Is Currently Teaching Me:

To desire more of Him and His love above all things because He is the only one who can and will fulfill us. Also that He who humbles himself will be exalted. He's teaching me that my singing is all about serving; kind of like serving a really good meal to a beloved friend.

Favorite Bible Passage:

Psalm 145:19