Michelle Gold

There’s an exciting Gospel Artist whose powerful voice is causing people to take notice; her name is Michelle Gold. She is bound to create a loud and crazy buzz in the music industry - full of charisma, off-the-wall energy, and a passion that has captivated large, diverse audiences all over.

Michelle is a singer/songwriter who is a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew). At age 15, Michelle was introduced to Yeshua as the Messiah. Though her family rejected her newfound faith, she was compelled to follow Him writing her own brand powerful, dynamic, spiritually-centered music.

Since that time, she has opened up for such legendary singers as Gladys Knight and Integrity Records Recording Artist and Worship Leader Paul Wilbur. She has also sung with Messianic recording artists, Marty Goetz & Ted Pearce. In her graduating year at High School, Michelle won the coveted Lena Horne Scholarship.

She has also been a featured artist at the United Nations (ministering to the surviving families of firefighters who lost their lives in the World Trade Center Tragedy & to former NY Mayor, Rudi Giulianii), St Patrick's Cathedral, the McDonald's GospelFest (held at Town Hall) NYC, & the annual GMA Spotlight Regional Competition 2001 (First Runner Up),.

In November 2000, the Danish Israeli Mission sponsored Michelle to tour the country of Denmark, ministering in song at schools and churches in every major city which culminated in a TV Interview and which is still being aired in Copenhagen today. Michelle has also been interviewed on the nationally televised CBN TV Program, the 700 Club!

More recently, Michelle had the privilege of touring the U.S., England, Germany, Switzerland, France & Israel for twenty months with the Jewish Gospel Music group, The Liberated Wailing Wall.

"Celine Dion & Beyonce meet Yeshua (Jesus) in Jerusalem" is a great way to describe Michelle Gold's music. Her songs are full of contagious praise & urgency. As a Jewish Believer in Yeshua, she often shares with an honest heart & in a very real way, what God has done in her life & how believing in Yeshua as her Messiah has made her more complete & given her the promise & hope of heaven!

Michelle says, " My vision is to spread a contagious passion for Yeshua in the hearts of all people from every nation. Like Esther, I want to bring salvation to my people for such a time as thus," by making Yeshua an unavoidable issue. People need to know that Jesus is real and that it’s all about having a love relationship with Him.”

Michelle and her husband, Joe Franco, were formerly Lay Ministers and Youth Ministers at Park Slope Christian Center, Brooklyn, NY. They moved to Nashville, TN in September 2002 and now attend Yeshuat Yisrael Messianic Synogogue, Ken Gibbs, Rabbi.

Mine the Gold! The Rush is On!