Hatikva (The Israeli National Anthem)
written by Naphtali Herz Imber/ English Lyrics written by Michelle Gold & Raphael Giglio
***Wrtten phonetically only

Kol-ad Belevav Penima, Nefesh Ye-hudi Homia
Ul fa-te misrah Kadimah, Ayin le tzion homiah

Od lo adva tikvatenu
Hatikva bat shnot-apayim

Li-ot am chofshi Be-artzenu
Eret-tzion Ve-yerushalayim

In our Jewish hearts, our spirit still sings
And our eyes look east towards Zion
For two thousand years we have hoped and our hope is not yet lost

To be free people in our land; land of Zion and Jerusalem
To be free people in our land; Land of Zion and Jerusalem