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Banish the Darkness (Banu Chosehech Legaresh)

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This song is a well known Public Domain Chanukah Song known well in Israel. Additional Chorus & Bridge added written by Michelle Gold & Dan Needham


Banish the Darkness
Lyrics Sarah Levi Tanai music by Emanuel Amiran
English Translation: Michelle Gold //New lyrics by Dan Needham & Gold

Verse 1
To banish darkness, we conspire
Our hands we raise with light and fire

Each of us; a little light
But together we shine bright

Be gone darkness of the night!
Be gone in the face of the light! (Repeat)

Jerusalem, City of light
My God will protect us on every side

Oh Elohim, Shomer Shelli
Let every candle light up the world as we
Rise up victoriously

Verse 2
Banu cho-shech le-garesh,

Be-ya-denu or va'esh.

Kol echad hu or katan,

Ve-kulanu or E-tan.

Pre-chorus 2
Surah cho-shech, hal ahsh'chor!

Surah mi-pnei ha'or!


If my people who are called by my name will pray
& humble themselves & seek my face & turn to me
I will hear from heaven and heal their land