Taking Back what the devil stole from me!

In 2004-ish, when signed with Tovah Records, one of the labels' favorite songs, *CENTER OF MY LIFE, was rejected for my album. The reason? At the time, a song came out copying our chorus melody and though we wrote the song many years prior and had a library of congress copyright form to prove it, the rec co feared getting involved in anything that could lead to legal battles.

Our special song sat on the shelf until most recently, when all the women's empowerment stuff I was watching on the news inspired me. Knowing, this song was ours and no man had the right to take it away, I decided to take back what the devil tried to steal from me. There was no way I was throwing this, my song out in the Basura (trash)!

God gave me these beautiful lyrics to go with Keith's melody and we were going to use it for God's glory, I decided. Off I went to record the song in Sunny FL and now I'm so excited to sing it and worship the Lord again live with this song as one of my faves. I pray worship teams all the around the world will sing, translate, and share it too! Worship leaders, you have my full permission to minister this one LIVE. Email me for the Chord Chart: www.michellegold.com/email



*CENTER OF MY LIFE was written by myself and Keith Kemper



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  • Diane

    Diane South Florida

    Powerful song!

    Powerful song!

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