I'm super excited to share with you that after eight months of recording and fundraising, my new FINDING GOLD AUDIOBOOK OUTREACH PROJECT is ready to go. My team is mastering/editing the last few tracks and we are getting ready to hand out free copies in Israel and in New Zealand.

Who knows if someone hearing my story about how the Lord found me could bring salvation?! Who knows if someone could possibly despise reading but be willing to LISTEN to my story via Audiobook? One never knows! However, the scriptures command us to go into all the world and share the good news of Messiah. Let's GO together...via audio. 

Though the Audiobook will be free in Israel and in New Zealand, it will also be available in the States and Internationally for a reasonable price at and any day now at my website. All proceeds will go towards sharing our hope through music and the Word. Keep checking back for more news here or join my Shalom Revolution for updates and behind the scenes music videos. 



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