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Shalom Shalom Shalom! You have been invited to this special page as a way of me saying THANK YOU to you for becoming a "SEND GOLD MEMBER." Together, you and I are actually sending something better than gold- the good news of Yeshua & I am a vessel in His hands. 

May this music uplift your spirit! Email me anytime to say hi, to ask for prayer, or to share great ideas or encouragement as the Lord leads you.

Your frend and sister in the Lord,
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Moody Radio Interview

You Know Me - Released 2005

Gold LIVE at El Shaddai


GOLD - LIVE @ El Shaddai, Goodbye Nashville Concert of praise to the Lord! El Shaddai is one of my favorite congregations in the world, Pastors' German & Margarita Castro. They are a Christian church with a heart for Israel & the Jewish People. Their love for their flock is a beautiful thing to see. Hope you can sense it in the air as I sing.

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Gold LIVE at Temple Aron Ha Kodesh

Esther's Prayer (For Such a Time As This)

Gold LIVE at Temple Aron Ha Kodesh

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