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Full of charisma, off-the-wall energy, and passion, Michelle Gold is a singer/songwriter who is a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew).

She has opened up for such legendary singers as Gladys Knight and Integrity Records Recording Artist and Worship Leader Paul Wilbur. She has also sung alongside great  Messianic recording artists like Marty Goetz, Ted Pearce, & Jonathan Settel.

"Celine Dion & Beyonce' meet Yeshua (Jesus) in Jerusalem" is a great way to describe Michelle Gold's music. Her vision is to spread a contagious passion for Yeshua in the hearts of all people of every nation.

NEW BOOK...Finding Gold...Now available in PRINT & E-BOOK format on Amazon.com, Barns and Nobles and at Bookbaby.com.
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Latest News

Join the coolest HOW TO SING CLUB ever! (Boca Raton) 

Ive been invited to teach a few classes over at the prestigious, fabulous and fun GREEN ART STUDIO in Boca! It's been on my heart to create a fun group atmosphere where kids and teens can learn how to sing inspiring songs while truly learning how to perform as soloists and in a group. Few other group classes offer this joy of learning without the burden of performances every saturday and time away from family, My class will give all the skills kids learn in private lessons in a fun enviornment with an opportnity to perform at the end of the semester for family and friends.

THIS MONTH...ALL FREE LESSONS AT THE GREEN ART STUDIO! Read more here: KidZ Club or call 561-477-1500


It dawned on me that in these hard economic times, some people I love may not have the budget for uplifting books and music. So the Lord has put it on my and I am offering my E-Book for ANY AMOUNT you wish to give. Not sure how long this offer will be available but for now, Im all in!

Benefits of FINDING GOLD Book:

Entertaining & Inspiring, full of fun photos, 
Includes scriptures for improving the quality of your life 
Individual and group reflections on relationships 

All you gotta do is follow 2 easy steps. Read more here by scrolling down to  "GET IT FOR LESS"


Now...GET A SIGNED Who Will Go? CD delivered to your doorstep AND free E-Book for your kindle or ibooks device  for ONLY $14.99 with shipping to anywhere in the U.S!!! Limited Time offer CHECK OUT THE CD/E-BOOK BUNDLE NOW 

OR- PURCHASE MY NEW BOOK,  FINDING GOLD ONLY on Amazon.com for only $13.99 and even less for the e-book. Perhaps you would like to order one for yourself and one for your local library or friend.

Gold Hopes to record a 2nd Messianic Album real soon... 

Joe and I received such a beautiful response from my Album and outreach project, WHO WILL GO? it makes sense to record another one!
We do not yet have funding for this album. However hope to do some powerful outreach using music once more.
Songs for newer Messianic Album might include some songs you have heard me sing live: Tikkun Olam, Center of my Life, more, plus a song or two that everyone knows (TBA)

Please keep this project in your heart and prayers.

Little Jewish Girl Fights Back! 

I spent much of my childhood years being bullied and told by even the most well-meaning teachers that I'd never make it or amount to much. And now here I am...a mother, a wife, a songwriter and an author! It's like Whitney Houston used to sing, "Tell me "no,"
and I'll show you I can!" The more people tell me "no," the more I want to rise up. Why? I believe our lives have enormous value and we must make every small effort to bless people's socks off. We are a gem in God's hand.

I pray you enjoy this book now that it has finally arrived. May my story bring healing to your soul and inspire you or someone you love to overcome obstacles. May this book lead you to find a love that is far more precious than gold! All my love, your friend, michelle gold

FINDING GOLD available now @ www.michellegold.com/findinggold
Also available on Amazon and at Barns & Noble too!

A Healing Mother's Day Book to share!!! 

On Mother’s Day I'll  be releasing my new E-Book & Printed Book, FINDING GOLD on iTunes and Amazon.
It is A. an autobiography B. It’s a devotional with reflections C. It has 17 Bible studies on Healing based on the mishegas I’ve gone thru and
what the Lord has shown this little Jewish Brooklyn Girl. 

Pray for 
1. the outreach worker who will  distribute my story to 500 (free e-books) not yet believers in Israel!!! 
2. That the Lord would show me who to give the 22 printed books away to
3. Please pray God uses this testimonial in a BIG WAY to whomever reads it that they may be healed, saved and empowered to preach the Gospel! 

Check back  on Mothers Day to purchase a copy of this book I wrote just for you! But more importantly, I covet your prayers!



This Passover, my story - the story of a little Jewish Girl from Brooklyn finding her God and her desitny,  will be released. The E-Book will be avilable on Amazon.com for "such a deal" makng it an affordable and excellent tool to share your faith.

But way more exciting that that... at least 500 not yet believers in Israel will receive a FREE COPY through a personal connection with trusted outreach workers I know in the region.

Please pray for the technical logistics of planning this outreach and for Rebecca* and Annette* as they put their finishing touches on the project.
(The editing is being done by Rebecca Vitkus (editor for many of the Jewish Jewels Ministries' Books by Jaimie Lash)  and cover to be designed (cover shown above is a temp photo ) by someone whose work and art are near and dear to my heart, Annette Reichel.)

Only $150 more needed to complete!!! We can do it!


Read more or watch vid on becoming part of TEAM GOLD! 
Get YOUR NAME in the book & a free full album & e-book download when complete 
I long for your prayers & support only if you are able to give. LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT! Meesh


After e-book is created and sent out, we can print up physical books as possibility as well to offer at Live Ministry events. There will be no proceeds made from the first 500 being given away.
All proceeds after that, if any, will go towards our ministry, Shalom Revolution...allowing my husband, Minister Joe Franco, and me to continue to reach out to the community with inspiring music and the preached Word. I am in ministry full time & have set teaching voice aside to serve Him more.



Alyse Nicole Merritt's film, DYING TO BE HEARD is now available for LIVE STREAMING with Amazon Prime now

I'm super excited  to have a feature song in the film (which I had the honor of co-writing with Alyse Merritt and Dan Needham)
But even more so, Im thrilled that this God glorifying Film can now be seen on millions of television screens in homes across our nation. 

Click here to view the trailer

Help us spread the word by choosing "Share" below. Blessings and thank you again for making this all happen with us.



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